Angela is creating several books and calendars featuring art and themes from the Ladies of the Months.

Ladies of the Months Coloring Book
(Kickstarted May 2018. To be published November 2018)

A coloring book featuring art from the series with a perfect bound softcover.  Upcoming editions include a CreateSpace edition via Amazon, a Kickstarter Special Edition, and a Limited Edition which includes a handmade sketch. 

The Pre-Order period for this book is over.  Stay tuned for updates about the final publication of this book via the mailing list!

Ladies of the Months Art Book
(Coming 2019)

An art book featuring a collection of the paintings and drawings from the series, plus photography of the masks created by Winter Kelly.  Stay tuned to the mialing list for this book’s launch on Kickstarter!

Ladies of the Months Wall Calendar
(Coming 2019)

A wall calendar featuring art from the Ladies of the Months series.  Watch the mailing list for an announcement about when this calendar will launch on Kickstarter!